“QNet,“ owned by QI Group, is a multilevel marketing company operating in several countries across Asia. Started in 1998 by Vijay Eswaran, QNet has enjoyed a lot of success and brought opportunity to millions who otherwise might not have ever had a chance to partake in what is largely an entrepreneurial venture. QNet empowers employees to create a business, selling… Read more →

When It Comes To Sunscreen, Read The Label or You Might Get Burned

You hear it on the news right about this time of the year, the beginning of Summer and the need to protect yourself from the Sun. Experts at Boraie Development LLC speak of the need for sunscreen to protect the skin from the dangers posed from being exposed to ultraviolet radiation. But, according to a recent study conducted by the… Read more →

Hearing Loss Due to Modern Devices

According to doctors, the young generation is at a greater risk for hearing loss than any of the generations that came before, due to all of the devices they are listening to on a regular basis. Ear buds are considered to be particularly damaging, because they deliver noise right into the eardrum. The World Health Organization issued a warning earlier… Read more →

Is Technology Keeping Us Awake?

Most people use electronic devices on a daily basis. This new technology is helpful for so many facets of our lives, but it may be harmful to our sleep, especially for teenagers. Our bodies prepare for sleep when there is an absence of light, which naturally occurs when the sun goes down. When we spend our time just before bed… Read more →