North American Spine Announced as Finalist for Greater Dallas Business Ethics Award

Dallas-based spine center, North American Spine has been named as a finalist for the Greater Dallas Business Ethics Award. Initially reported on PR Newswire, finalists for the Greater Dallas Business Ethics Award will converge during an award luncheon on May 7, 2015 at the Westin Galleria Dallas. The award honors local organizations that establish and demonstrate a strong commitment to… Read more →

Is Drinking Lemon Water Good For You?

A squeeze of lemon juice enhances the flavor of many foods, it even makes plain water taste better, but it is good for you? Most people in the health and fitness field agree that drinking water is good for your health, and if you prefer a squeeze of lemon in the water, that’s fine too. A few also promote the… Read more →

Mind & Body News

Early morning on Thursday, April 16, a user on Reddit posted a link to an article about the seven health practices that can help a person stay healthy. Among the recommendations from the article are many that most people know, such as eating well, getting enough sleep, ending isolation, socializing and stimulating the mind and body through various types of… Read more →

When Religious Beliefs Cause Suffering in Healthcare

Last Thursday, April 9, a woman in Georgia revealed through a Facebook public post her horrific experience with pharmacists in the state who refused to give her a medically necessary drug because of their religious beliefs that are protected by a Georgia “refusal of service” law. Brittany Cartrett’s doctor revealed to her 10 weeks into her pregnancy, after she began… Read more →