Lime Crime is a high quality brand

For years, make up was made for one particular type of woman. While this make up worked extremely well for those that were seeking a traditional look, many felt that this make up did not fully represent who they were. Many women felt that they were living outside of themselves when they wore traditional make up, and they were frustrated… Read more →

My Dog Loves Running And He Only Eats Beneful

I went to my doctor the other day, and he said that I need to exercise. I’ve gained some weight after having my child, and it still hasn’t come off one year after I gave birth. I suppose I could be doing more to get rid of the weight, but I made one excuse after another, and I did nothing… Read more →

I’m Taking A Lot Of Beneful With Me On My Caribbean Vacation

I planned on going to a Caribbean island for the summer, and I absolutely can’t wait for the trip. I’ve been to the island before, and when I went last time, I had a problem getting my dog the food he needed. I love Beneful on twitter, but nowhere on the island do they sell that kind of food. I… Read more →

Spinal Surgery – The Basics

The spine is literally the backbone of human anatomy. It’s complexities direct bodily functions and movements. Injuries, birth defects among other complications may cause back pain and minimized movements. There is a wide range of treatment options for individuals suffering from spinal complications. At the initial stages, non-surgical medical can be administered to improve the back pain symptoms. If the… Read more →