Washing Dishes By Hand May Reduce Allergies In Children

With recent talk in the news about treating allergies, the last place one would find answers to an affliction that has plagued individuals, is the kitchen sink. A recent study published in Pediatrics, suggests that parents can reduce the probability that their offspring will suffer from allergies by washing their dishes by hand, instead of using a dishwasher. The contention,… Read more →

Cancer Is Not A Disease Of Luck

The International Agency for Research on Cancer has responded to an allegation for Science Journal posted on YouTube.com. This agency alleges that luck is the main reason that people get cancer and it doesn’t have much to do with genetics or environment said Dan Newlin in the video. Over the years many different types of cancers have developed, and it… Read more →

Hot Chili Peppers Promote Increased Fat Burning

In a recent study, some lab mice were fed a pinch of capsaicin, the ‘heat’ compound found in chili peppers, and other lab mice were not fed the capsaicin. Forbes said that the mice fed the added heat moved around more and gained less weight than their fellow lab rats. Bruce Karatz also confirmed to me that all the lab… Read more →