Beneful wet dog food- a balaced meal for your dog

When you are deciding what meals you are going to prepare for breakfast, lunch, or dinner for your family a lot of things go through your mind. You want a meal for your family that will be made with fresh ingredients, that is not full of processed meats and food, and most importantly that the whole family will like the… Read more →

Beneful aims to benefit the whole dog

Beneful is a division of pet foods under the umbrella company of Purina, a pet food company that has been a leader in this field for decades. Beneful is aimed at consumers who want to treat their pets as best friends. The company also takes a lot of effort in finding out what is best for pets. They don’t want… Read more →

North American Spine Featured On WPMT Fox 43

Chronic spine and neck pain are serious issues for many Americans. These injuries can range from minor nuisances to crippling problems. Sadly, most treatments for these ailments are highly invasive and have very long recovery times. PR Newswire is reporting that North American Spine was recently featured on WPMT Fox-43 to talk about their revolutionary Accurascope treatment. The segment featured… Read more →

New Standards For Image Recognition

Image recognition can be defined as a process that identifies a specific thing in a video or a digital picture. This could be a face, a product, a specific shape or even a name. There are numerous programs available that work to detect these items, all of which work in the same manner. If you’ve ever watched a security camera… Read more →